Our original logo was a unicorn moose on roller skates...

In the spring of 2012, TWE's founder, Megan St. John, wrote, directed, and produced a short film (Call Number) as part of her undergrad thesis project at the University of Chicago.   In an attempt to generate interest about the film and invite people to its screening, she created a Facebook page for a fake company- Third Wheel Entertainment.  Like all companies, TWE needed branding (and a profile pic), so Megan's college roommate designed the company's logo- a unicorn moose on roller skates, whose horn was customizable for holidays and events.

A few months after graduation, Megan found herself revisiting Third Wheel Entertainment, determined to make it a real production company rather than a platform for her thesis.  She called upon the crew that filmed her thesis project and the team began working on corporate projects and music videos.   From there, TWE’s portfolio grew and so did the team’s passion for filmmaking.  The rest is history.

We have come a long way since Mr. Moose, but our mission has stayed the same:  We want to make movies, and we want to be damn good at it.  As we continue to grow as artists and professionals, we're excited to see what the future holds.