because 50 years is something to celebrate.

Jayco RVs have always been a staple in family fun. So, to celebrate Jayco's 50th anniversary, we teamed up with LoSasso Integrated Marketing and created a video that told the Jayco story thorugh generations. With a simple split-screen, we compared 1968 – where it all began – to 2018 – 50 years later –  and showed how family fun is gauranteed regarldess of the decade, as long as you travel with a Jayco.

The video was the center of Jayco's 50th anniversary campaign and now lives on the Jayco website.

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life on the road has a lot to offer.

Entegra Coach owners are proud of their coaches – and Entegra Coach is proud of its owners! That's why when the company wanted to create a video campaign, it only made sense to capture real life stories from real life owners. We teamed up with LoSasso Integrated Marketing and asked real couples questions about life on the road – and with three cameras rolling on all of it, we got real answers!

The #WeAreEntegra campaign was promoted via email and social outlets, and remains a key feature on the Entegra Coach website.


Sometimes a company has lots of stories to tell.

Connor & Gallagher OneSource came to us with a desire to show its potential clients its potential, but with so many services it didn't make sense to squeaze the company's story into a single video. Instead, we highlighted each service with its own spot, which could then be directed to the service's target audience. By combining testimonials from real CGO customers with dynamic b-roll of various industries we created informative and visualy intriguing pieces that gave a first-hand understanding of CGO's benefits and business model.

The videos were used as a campaign and were promoted via email and social outlets.

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Because everyone deserves to soar.

Other clients have come to us, but we actually approached Camp Red Kite to create this video! Camp Red Kite is a summer arts camp tailored specifically to the unique interests and needs of young people on the autism spectrum. As long-time fans of what this organizaiton was doing for the Chicago community, we thought it would be great to put its story to screen. We collaborated with the marketing team at the Chicago Children's Theater to identify what messages they wanted to capture on camera and then attended camp for various days over the summer, immersing ourselves in classroom activites and interviewing both students and teaching artists to find out what makes Camp Red Kite Special. The Result? A docu-type promotional piece with a lot of heart.

The video is a key player in Red Kite's annual fundraising cycle and currently lives online as video promotion for the camp.

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Fashion has the power to empower.

Swaby fashions are known for their avant-garde accents and rebel flair so, it only made sense to produce a video that was as powerful and sexy. By sticking with a black and white color palette and making the 3D elements of the clothes the stars of the show, we the created a moody piece that resonates the Swaby brand and style.

The video is used as an online marketing utensil for the brand.

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every photo has something to teach us.

The MoCP is the world’s premier college art museum dedicated to photography. With its deep roots at Columbia College and a collection including more than 14,800 objects by over 1,500 artists, we thought it had a pretty interesting story to tell. Through interviews with museum staff and b-roll of various events, classes, and museum culture, we constructed a narrative that told both the history and future of this Chicago staple.

The video currently lives on the museum's website and servies as a main marketing tool for the institution.

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Making friends is never easy… until now.

The Stand-In app is a great way to meet new people and partake in new events in and around your city. Our video needed to show how easy the app was to use and how much fun you could have after you “confirm” an event with your new friend. Through a series of vignettes we showed the various activities that you can “get a stand-in” for and with quick jump cuts we demonstrated how quick and easy it was to find new friends with the app.

The video premiered at the app’s release party and is now the app’s key marketing tool, used online and directly.

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Because super moms need super food.

Like many stat-ups, MaMeal was in need of a marketing tool to show potential financers and generate funding. We created a simple narrative that showed the who, what, and how behind the company and produced an “about” video that could be used for both fundraising campaigns and social media promotion.

The video attracted various investors and MaMeal continues to grow as a Chicago-based startup.

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114 Degree Desert Heat? NO problem!

Artist Jen Miller wanted to accomplish one thing with this music video: fun. And we created (and had!) just that. The video features a group of friends finding new and unique ways to entertain themselves in the desert. They lounge in mud baths, dance poolside, get competitive with a water gun fight, and partake in chocolate coin poker. The best part though? They had fun doing it. The cast and crew stayed together for a three day weekend at a resort in Death Valley, CA with no internet connection and no cell service – just the group, our props, and the camera. And we had a blast!

"Fine" was the first single on Jen's latest album and was used to promote the album and Jen's women's-based music initiative, Girl Gang Music.

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Where opportunity and future meet.

YOLOBE is striving to be LinkedIn for young adults, connecting teens with work and internship opportunities in their communities. The company came to us to help them spread the word and grow their network. The video needed to be simple, showing a reason why this platform is needed and how the platform can be used to solve this problem, but most importantly it needed to inspire network collaborators to want to get involved and make a difference. The most inspiring stories are true so, we reached out to YOLOBE interns and asked them about their experience with the platform, how it had changed their life, and what kind of story they would like to tell, and together we crafted a narrative that hit all of the important points.

The video is used as the brand’s key marketing piece and is used online, at the beginning of onboarding seminars, etc.

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