THANKS A LATTE (coming soon!)

Thanks a Latte is a comedic web series created by Third Wheel Entertainment.  The show follows Madison, Drew, and Ken – three 20-something baristas who are stuck working the afternoon shift because they can’t handle the morning rush.  But even though the afternoons are slow, the team always finds some sort of trouble to get into, making their daily grind anything but boring.   

Thanks a Latte is written by Megan St. John and Trevor Kelley and directed by Andrew Smith.  The show stars Megan St. John as Madison, Brian Walsh as Drew, and Jack Dwyer as Ken.  Season one is currently shooting in Chicago, IL and will be released in 2017 in the form of four 22-minute episodes.  

Craving more?  Third Wheel is releasing Thanks a Latte sketches to promote the show!  Select sketches are below.  For more, follow Third Wheel on YouTube.